What is It?

In the morning. From heaven. With the dew. Small. Fine. Round. White. As frost. As coriander seed. Solid. Its appearance like that of bdellium. Its taste like that of fresh oil. Its taste like that of wafers with honey. Good for making cakes. A mystery. What is it?

It was a heavenly food that God’s people had never seen before, and when they saw it they asked one another, “What is it?” (Exodus 16:15). It was manna. The Bible does not actually tell us what manna is because manna is mysterious. Instead, the Bible likens manna to certain things, using the words “as” and “like” again and again (Exodus 16:14, 31). However, the Bible also reveals that manna is simply a picture of Christ (John 6:50-51). As the real manna, Christ is also mysterious. Although He cannot be explained scientifically, Christ is the real food for God’s people to eat.

God supplied His people with the heavenly food and showed that His heart’s desire was to fill them, to satisfy them, to saturate them with food from heaven, and thereby to make them a heavenly people. The children of Israel had already undergone a change of location from slavery in Egypt to being with the Lord in the wilderness. However, the Lord wanted to change not only their location but to also change their inward life and nature. By having their diet changed so that they ate the heavenly food, God’s people were becoming a heavenly people to match Him.

Just like the children of Israel, today we can be delivered out of “slavery”, and experience a change in diet. The worldly diet denotes all the things we desire in order to find satisfaction. The heavenly diet is Christ who is the real bread from heaven (John 6:51). Christ is eternal, perfect, and full; He is without shortage or defect. He deals with all the negative things in our being and fully refreshes and supplies us from within.

To receive Christ as the heavenly manna simply pray:

“Lord Jesus, I turn my heart to You.
I confess that I have been filled with so many things other than You.
I want to be filled with You as the heavenly manna.
Lord Jesus, I receive You as the real bread from heaven.

After we receive the Lord, every morning we can be filled with Him as the heavenly manna by praying to Him, reading His Word, and spending time in His presence. By enjoying Him in this way, we will become a heavenly people.