How Can We Experience the Jubilee?

The revelation of the jubilee originates from the Bible. The Old Testament describes that each family of the Israelites was allotted a portion of the good land. However, some became poor, sold their allotment (Leviticus 25:25) and lost their inheritance. Others became poorer still and even sold themselves into slavery (Leviticus 25:39). But every fifty years was the year of jubilee. Liberty was proclaimed throughout the land and each inhabitant was released from slavery, forgiven of their debts, and returned to their possession and their family (Leviticus 25:10). The jubilee was a year of enjoyment, satisfaction, and rest.
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Is Man Good or Evil?

What causes man to riot and rebel? What causes man to clean up afterwards?

For generations, thoughtful people have tried to understand and explain the inward nature of man. The philosopher Mencius asserted that man’s nature is intrinsically good, whereas Xun Zi insisted that man’s nature is wayward and evil. However, neither of these schools of thought adequately describes the complexities of human nature.
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Why Are There So Many Problems in the World?

Recent events have caused us to pay close attention to the current situation in the world. Newspapers are full of bad news, and prisons are full of criminals. Society is corrupt, people are suffering from sickness and poverty, and we are riding on an economic rollercoaster. Intelligent people try to tackle these problems, but everywhere we look there are more problems. Why are there so many problems in the world, and what is the solution to these problems?
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