How Can We Experience the Jubilee?

The revelation of the jubilee originates from the Bible. The Old Testament describes that each family of the Israelites was allotted a portion of the good land. However, some became poor, sold their allotment (Leviticus 25:25) and lost their inheritance. Others became poorer still and even sold themselves into slavery (Leviticus 25:39). But every fifty years was the year of jubilee. Liberty was proclaimed throughout the land and each inhabitant was released from slavery, forgiven of their debts, and returned to their possession and their family (Leviticus 25:10). The jubilee was a year of enjoyment, satisfaction, and rest.
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How Does God Carry Out His Economy?

Suppose you have a large container of juice. In order for people to drink and enjoy the juice, you must first find a way to dispense the juice from the container to them. The best way is to pour the juice into clean cups and then distribute it among the people who are present. It is then possible for the juice that is in the container to be received by people so that it enters into them to be enjoyed by them.

This is a picture of how God carries out His economy.
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What Do You Need?

If you were asked the question, “What do you need?” what would your answer be? You might answer that you need the latest smart phone, good exam results, or a pay rise. Or you might think that you need a new relationship, a listening ear, or a change of scenery. Perhaps you say that you need a hot drink, a tasty meal or a good night’s sleep. But can you say that any of these will satisfy your inner need? What is our need and how can it be met?
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How Can I Rest?

Many people are seeking rest. We look forward to the end of the day, to weekends, and even to holidays. Yet even when our body rests physically, our mind and our heart are often not at rest. And then, on Monday, we have to return to school or to work. How can we find true rest, complete satisfaction, and full enjoyment?
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Are You Thirsty?

The Bible reveals that man is thirsty. This is why he continually seeks countless things to satisfy himself, such as knowledge, diplomas, careers, money, sports, music, entertainment, parties, relationships, etc.

Although he drinks this “water,” he is not truly, lastingly satisfied but rather is left empty, dry, and thirsty. Thus, he must seek more “water,” proving that he was left unsatisfied and is still thirsty. Jesus’ words explain man’s experience: “Everyone who drinks of this water shall thirst again” (John 4:13). How then can our thirst be quenched?
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