Where Does God Live?

One of the best ways to know a person is to visit their home. This is because a person’s home is a place where he or she can be expressed. If a home is neat and clean then we know that a neat and clean person lives there. If a home is beautifully decorated then we know that the person who lives there appreciates beauty. The principle is the same with God. To know God we should find out where He lives and what His dwelling place is like.

God does not live in buildings made by human hands (Acts 7:48; 17:24). Therefore, it is not to a physical building that we must go in order to meet with God and to know Him. God also does not have His dwelling place in heaven (1 Kings 8:27). Although heaven is God’s throne and earth is the footstool for His feet, neither heaven nor earth is a place of rest for Him (Isaiah 66:1; 2 Chronicles 6:18). Where then does God live?
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