How Does the Bible End?

The Bible literally means the book, and like any book, it has both a beginning and an end. In order to see the preciousness of the Bible and to understand its content, we must pay attention to how it concludes. Additionally, in order to appreciate the end of the Bible, we must first see its beginning.

The beginning of the Bible shows us a marvelous picture. God planted a garden in Eden and in this garden He put the man whom He had formed (Genesis 2:8). In the middle of this garden God caused the tree of life to grow (Genesis 2:9). The tree of life is a symbol of the life of God in Christ (John 15:1; 1:4). From the very beginning of the Bible, life is revealed. It was God’s intention that His life would enter into us to be our life. However, at the beginning of the Bible there was no relationship between the life of God and the life of man. The life of God and the life of man were separate from each other and even opposite to each other. God was God, and man was man.

At the end of the Bible we see another wonderful picture. This picture is of a holy city, New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2). The centre of this city is the throne of God from which flows the river of water of life. On each side of the river grows the tree of life (Revelation 22:1-2). This is a city which is full of life. This is a city saturated with the life of God, and in which man has been filled with the life of God (Revelation 21:10-11). In this city, God and man, man and God, are completely united, mingled and incorporated for eternity (Revelation 22:17).

These pictures at the beginning and the end of the Bible show us that God’s focus is on life. The Bible shows that in order to accomplish His intention to enter into man and become man’s life, God first became a man by the name of Jesus Christ (John 1:14). He came as the bread of life and the water of life to feed and to satisfy man (John 6:35; 4:10). He died on the cross to terminate sin and death and to release His divine life (John 19:34). Now as the life-giving Spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45b), Christ is able to give us life and to make us a part of the city of life.

It is by believing into Christ that we receive Him as our life (John 1:12). To become a part of the city of life simply turn your heart to Jesus and pray:

“Lord Jesus, thank You for revealing
Yourself as life in the Bible.
I open my heart to believe into You
and receive You as my life.
Lord Jesus, come into me.”

Although the city of life, New Jerusalem, is at the end of the Bible, it is not just for the future. The Bible is a book on life, a book with life as its subject, and this life is a living Person, Christ. Today, we can continue to contact this living Person and enjoy and grow in His life through prayer, the Bible, and with other believers. As we do this, more and more we are becoming the city of life, New Jerusalem.